DevLog #1 - It's Alive -


Amr Salama, The Free Writer game developer here.

As you all know (it’s in the description) this edition is an extended edition to my original game, so the most common question is

What’s the difference between this edition and the original?.

1- 3D sounds - the original didn’t have any
2- More Jumpscares - more tension, more creepy.
3- More Sound effects - more creepy sounds.
4- More Story elements - the full story of The Free Writer.
5- More locations - added one more location.
6- Options Menu - simple but rich options menu.
7- Bug fixes, Grammar correction, and more optimization
8- Real Ending.
9- Full Credits

There you have it. Hope you all enjoy it and thank you, everyone.

Have a good Day/Night.

Amr Salama Ibrahim.
The warrior studios.

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