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LOVED. THIS. GAME!!!! It was very fun and definitely had some good jump scares in it =) Feel free to watch my video and let me know what you thought! 

This game is great! Simple and spooky :3 

This scared the living crap out of me!

Nice Game : 

had a great time playing this game. Made me jump a few times. Would love to see more from this developer! 

I never played the original Free Writer, but I'm super glad I got around to finally diving into the experience with this Director's Cut version!

The whole game feeds into the experience of being led on a merry dance around the house, being drip-fed tiny pieces of story in between being stalked from the darkness. The tension is great, the story is great and the payoff is well worth it!

You did a fantastic job with this, and aside from a few grammatical errors that got lost in translation it was a wonderfully spooky time!

Keep up the awesome work =)

This game really got me! I scare pretty easily anyway, and I was expecting jumpscares, but a lot of them were really good ones. I especially liked the subtle ones where you see something out of the corner of your eye, or just for a split second, but without much of an audio cue. Thanks for making this game!

I really enjoyed this game. The jumpscares were on point. I jumped everytime.

I don't play many horror games, but i did play this for some reason. It was spooky enough for me

Hey, I played your game for my latest Horror Games video! I had loads of fun with it! Cheers!

An interesting game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work !!!

I got to be honest. I didn't get to finish this as I couldn't find the crowbar in the basement, but from what I did see, I can geniunely say I hated this game and it's everything wrong with indie horrors. 

STOP. COPYING. P.T..... It's NOT scary! 

Made a video


Your approach to the horror genre is interesting!
You combine the old school atmosphere with techniques seen in newer games.
The scares are balanced. Some are "in your face" with loud noises and some are subtle. This variety sets a creepy and eerie atmosphere.
Visually the game is mostly ok. Simple models and lighting with adequate detailed textures. It isn't a deal breaker for me, but there is definitely room for improvement.
The music selection is great and the sound effects are well balanced too. Generally the audio part of the game is really good.
Gameplay wise, the game can be confusing at points. You don't know where to go, since the events are not that connected. It isn't anything bad, but I could see why some people would get annoyed. Also the last scene in the basement was pointless. You had to get a spade to reach the crowbar to open the locker to get the hammer to open the door. I get that you wanted to make the players think and interact with the environment, but it actually fell short.
Overall I enjoyed the game a lot! As I said above, your approach is definitely interesting. If you improve a couple of things the game will transform into one of the most unique experiences!
I wish you the best of luck with your project!

That's Great Game! I Really Played Fun!
재밌게 플레이 했어요!

Man this game, I never knew you could pack that much fear into 3 floors my god.

You got me with jumps, fake outs and terrifying noises, the trifecta but for real The Free Writer I don't know what it was but play this is just felt like a proper horror game, this was a terrifying glove and it fit perfectly.

You've created a pure baby of fear and you should be very proud.

Thank you for making this.

There were a lot of great moments in this game. Some of the scares came of a little silly, but it got me good multiple times. 

Awesome game! Great Atmosphere and a lot of attention to detail for a small horror game.


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Really scary and fun game!!!!

Thank's glad you liked it.

Thanks for the comment and the video and sorry for the bug, It's fixed now.


The game had a huge creep factor that not alot of triple a games have nowadays. Kudos on that. Also ran into the 1.0.1 issue, but I switched over to 1.0.3 just to complete the game. XD

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Wow, that's an awesome comment. Glad you liked it.

Thank you for the comment and the video, and an extra thank you for completing the game even after finding the bug.


A very cool Layers of fear style type of game very creepy atmosphere and generally scary at times haha great game

Thank's,I'm glad you liked it.
Thank you for the comment and the video.


This game made me jump a few times, really well designed, I really enjoyed it

I combined this play through with two other horror games, Hope you don't mind :D

Thank's, glad you liked it and it's totally fine to combine it, but just add the name in the description or the tags so I can easily find it.

Thanks for the comment and sorry you got stuck in the end, It's fixed now.


The Jumpscares really got me haha :D

But I got stuck at the end where the shadow stands in the Floor. :(

German video


It should be fixed now, sorry for that.


Okay, so first of all, I loved the entire feel of this game. I’ve been playing a lot of old indie horror titles on the channel recently and the atmosphere / models in this game felt really nostalgic. There were a few moments where I was genuinely spooked as well as some moments where I couldn’t help but laugh. The story was great. I like how you put that extra effort into telling it rather than just having an indie horror title where random scares happened then the credits roll. I feel like the only negative things I could find in this game were the grammar and stuff in the journals (I’m not a gramma master myself, so no big deal) and the graphics were a tad lower than I expected. That start menu really had my hopes up for top-of-the-like graphics. Again, no big deal. I look for events from a horror game rather than visuals. The experience is what matters to me, and this experience was great. Thanks so much for making this!!

grammar*** master - see!? Lol

Wow, thank you for this awesome comment and feedback.

I'm glad you liked it and yea my English is not the best, it would be awesome if we can collab in the future in term of grammar correction.

Again thank you for the comment and I really liked the video.

Is this an update cos i already played this game?

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Yup, that's the new update which include more stuff.

More details in this article

(sorry, forgot to publish the article).


I was afraid this would be the same game with a wall of text at the end to explain it. However, i am pleasantly surprised at how much great stuff was added. I'm glad to know more about the story and i'm glad it wrapped things up.


Fantastic. More story, More scares, Easier to read notes and teddy bears !!! What more could you ask for. Superb job... :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

Thank you for the video and the comment.


Thank you for the follow up on this game, I am pleased that some questions were answered which I had a feeling about, good additions to this version.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the video and the rate.


Loved the game. Keep it up.


my channel:

watch video here:


Thank you for playing my game and for the amazing rating.

Glad you enjoy it.